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Adobe Acrobat is one of the killer apps that have changed the face of computing for the better. Thanks to this suite of programs, exchanging information among incompatible platforms has become a non-issue. But there’s always room for improvement. This is a review of the recently released version 7 of Acrobat Professional, a major upgrade with a significant array of new features.


The Installation
Acrobat 7 is bloatware: You need 460 MB of hard disk space to install the behemoth. Fortunately, you can slim down the installation by deselecting components you don’t think you’ll use. You’ll also have to uninstall Acrobat 6 (but not version 5).

First Impressions
Adobe claims that performance has been enhanced so that the program loads faster under Windows, thanks to a speed launcher that loads when you start Windows. I compared versions 5, 6, and 7 and didn’t experience much difference in load times. Depending on your configuration, you may see more improvement. Note that the speed loader isn’t available in the Mac version.

New Views
You won’t notice a big interface change when you first open Acrobat 7, but there are several new ways to view documents. The New Window command opens multiple instances of the same document. Acrobat changes the file name by one digit for each new instance, which is useful for cloning a document that requires multiple output options.

The new Spreadsheet Split command splits the window into four independently scrollable panes — nice for inspecting wide tabular data.

When you have multiple documents open, you’ll see independent buttons in the Windows taskbar by default. You can turn off this option in the Preferences>General dialog box if, like me, your taskbar is already overburdened.

There are two new markup tools for notes: callout and dimensioning. The callout tool lets a note point to a specific place, and the dimensioning tool (which doesn’t actually show measurements) draws a line between two points with a comment in the center

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Adobe Acrobat Pro 7.0.2


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